Biodiversity Net Gain

With biodiversity net gain #BNG now mandatory, please find the best links available to understand better;

The government has produced a lot of guidance on BNG, so we´ve put together links to all of it, put it in your bookmarks!

-What BNG is:
-What counts towards BNG:
-Draft planning practice guidance:
  (Note that this will need to change to reflect changes made to the regulations, e.g. to the    biodiversity gain hierarchy)
-Using the biodiversity metric:
-Metric tools and guides:
-Habitat Management and Monitoring Plans:
-Legal agreements:

For developers:
- Steps for developers:
- Exempt development:
- Onsite gains as a developer:
- Offsite gains as a developer:
- Submit a biodiversity gain plan:
- Biodiversity gain plan template:
- Statutory credit guidance:
- Statutory credit prices:

For landowners and brokers:
- Steps for land managers:
- Selling units as a land manager:
- Stacking with other payments:

For councils:
- Steps for local planning authorities:
LeadCareers are spearheading jobs in Biodiversity Net Gain with the incorporation of
  CLICK HERE for jobs in BNG 
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