Salary Guides...What do you earn?


Working out whether or not your salary level is in-line with industry standard can be tricky, especially when Geographical locations play such an important role. Having been on the receiving end of offers and speaking to hundreds of LA´s a year about their jobs, we´ve gained a good understanding of what people earn for their levels and we´re happy to share the info…

Your specific skills, ability and experience should always reflect in your remuneration, and hopefully the following guide can give both employers, their staff and job seekers the confidence that the salary levels offered are fair and appropriate. That said, there is no official ruling and the below information is based purely on our own experience.

As a whole however, we would consider the figures to be accurate, benchmarked against the market and updated regularly.


LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE                                                FROM                    TO                                                           

Graduate Landscape Architect                                                  £22,000                 £24,000

Assistant Landscape Architect                                                  £25,000                 £26,000

Landscape Architect (on P2C)                                                    £26,000                £32,000

Recent CMLI & then working as CMLI                                       £32,000                 £36,000

Senior Landscape Architect                                                        £38,000                 £45,000

Principal - Associate Landscape Architect                               £45,000                 £55,000

Associate Director - Director LA                                                 £55,000                £Discretional


ECOLOGY                                                                                   FROM                    TO                                                           

Graduate Ecologist                                                                     £22,000                 £24,000

Assistant Ecologist                                                                     £24,000                 £26,000

Ecologist                                                                                       £26,000                 £30,000

Senior Ecologist (Licenced)                                                        £30,000                 £38,000

Principal Ecologist                                                                       £38,000                 £48,000

Associate Director / Director of Ecology                                  £48,000                 £Discretional


If you would like to discuss your situation or may like impartial advice on salaries, please contact us at or call 0203 7450900, we are always available for a no obligation discussion.







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